UI Design

Admissions Presenter App

A special project for the Admissions team at BU, this was a redesign, and rebuild of a student profile presentation app for iPad, OSX, and Windows. The app is used to present sample student profiles showing admissions criteria, gpa, etc, and consists of both a presentation view and editor view.

For this project I led the design and front-end development of a ground-up rebuild of the application in order to migrate from the previous Adobe Flash-based core to a React-based, HTML, CSS, & Javascript application built on Electron. As a part of that I opted to redesign the editor side of the application so that both the iPad and desktop versions of the application could share the same UI and experience. Users of the application will sometimes use the app on both types of devices and the previous version of the application had different user interfaces on iPad and desktop.

  • Migration of previous Flash-based app functionality
  • New UI for iPad and Desktop app
  • HTML, CSS, & Javascript development in React for front-end UI
  • Worked in conjuction with an awesome React app developer who built the architecture, database, and core functionality

Spring 2016, for internal use only.