I'm a designer, developer, & creative director

About Me

17+ Years Designing for the Web

I am a designer currently living in Boston, Massachusetts. I enjoy taking complex problems and designing elegant solutions to solve them. I try to build things on the web that matter. Things that are beautiful. Honest. Simple. From a website to a mobile app to a landing page, they tell a story, a story about your product, your business, your life.

Current Position

For about the last 5 years I have been at Boston University, as part of the Interactive Design team. Most recently my role has been leading part of the 20 person team as an Associate Creative Director.


Design, user experience, development, wireframing, prototyping, strategy, creative direction, mentorship, team building, process and workflow management, & client relationships.

What Now?


If you’d like to talk about a project you want help with or need advice about product design for your startup, just drop me a message at me@dakotachichester.com. I’m currently available for small projects & consulting.

The Latest

Some Work in Progress